Ski & snowboard tuning, waxing, & more!

Get your scope mounted & bore sighted

Make sure you have the licenses you need for hunting & fishing

Make sure your reel isn't out of line!


At Big Bear we offer a variety of different services. Ski and snowboard rentals are available for you to hit the mountain in no time. Skis and ski boots can be rented either daily or for the whole season and snowboards and boots are available as daily rentals. Scope mounting and bore sighting is another service you can have done in-store and while you are in you can get your hunting and fishing licenses needed for the season. Bow tuning can also be done by one of our specialists and they will make sure you are all dialed in on our in-store bow range! Have a gun you want to trade in? You can do that here too! And if you are getting ready to go fishing and are in need of more line, we can re-line your rod for you as well. Make sure to also keep an eye out for upcoming Orvis fly-fishing 101 classes on our events page!


Ski & Snowboard Rentals


Skis- Daily Rates (Billings Only)                                                           Snowboards- Daily Rates (Billings Only)

Kids (12 & Under): 1 Day- $15.00  2 Days- $25.00                                  Kids (12 & Under): 1 Day- $25.00  2 Days- $40

Adult: 1 Day- $20.00  2 Days- $35.00                                                      Adults: 1 Day- $30.00  2 Days- $50.00

Adult Demo Skis*: 1 Day- $30.00  2 Days- $50.00

*Name Brand, More Advanced Skis


Kids (12 & Under): $8.00 per day

Adults: $10.00 per day

Skis- Season Rentals (Billings & Great Falls)                                       Snowboard- Season Rentals

Kids (12 & Under): $119.98                                                                       Not Available

Adults: $129.98

Ski & Snowboard Shop Rates


Skis                                                                  Snowboards

Binding Mount: $35.00                                     Mount/Adjustment: Free

Adjustment: $15.00                                          Wax: $10.00

Wax: $7.00                                                       Edge File/Wax: $20.00

Edge File/Wax: $20.00                                     Tune: $40.00

Tune: $35.00                                                    Single Base Weld: $10.00

Single Base Weld: $10.00

             *If gear is purchased at Big Bear, initial setup is free